Here’s why you should stop drinking soda

The consequences of drinking soda are being noticed by more people each day, and nowadays many of us have stopped consuming these drinks. Even if it is one of the most popular guilty pleasures out there, everybody should stop drinking soda. It blends great with any dinner, helps put up many cocktails and comes in every possible flavour and we’ve been taught to feel like it’s refreshing. But in reality it is not.

You’ll notice your body will thank you for stopping taking sugar-flavoured drinks. Anyday is great to stop drinking soda and here we will tell you why.

soda drinks

Soda drinks are linked to obesity

Several studies have shown that there’s a direct connection between sugar-flavoured drinks and obesity. It’s no mistery to anybody. Sugar-flavoured drinks are on top of the most harmful drinks when it comes to obesity.

The thing with soda drinks is that the acid and gas on them makes it easy to disguise the flavour of sugar, making it harder to realize actually how much sugar you’re taking. Most of the people who just “can’t” lose weight are actually regular soda drinkers. If you stop taking them, you’ll realize your skin will be glowy, your pants will start to fit in again and you’ll drop at least three kilos just by not taking them, no joking!

You will actually be more hydrated without them

Every time you drink soda, you feel like you do it to refresh yourself, and sometimes it even feels like it works right? Well, it doesn’t. There are many components in sugar-flavoured drinks that will maybe disguise your thirst, but it will not last long.

A can of soda contains caffeine, which is a diuretic that can cause dehydration. Also, its high levels of sodium and sugar can also contribute of not having enough water in your body to hydrate yourself. You will in time feel less refreshed by them, which can develop in drinking more and more soda. Next time you feel the crave, remember: water is the most refreshing drink you can find out there, and its benefits make it the #1 choice to go.

Soda drinks harm your teeth

If you notice your teeth have become more weak over the years, you may be affecting them by drinking soda. The sugar and the acid on sugar-flavoured drinks can damage tooth enamel for life. These drinks are as acidic as lemon juice! So imagine how much acid you’re putting in your poor teeth everytime you take one. Ugh!

Drinking soda every day will help develop teeth conditions like sensitivity and tooth decay. It is very important that you preserve your enamel, because you cannot get it back once it’s lost.

Diabetes and heart diseases risk will decrease

Soda drinks contain over 40 grams of sugar, which means that by taking one can of it you’re literally putting 10 teaspoons of sugar in your body. This is by no means good to you.

Sugar found in soda drinks comes from highfructose corn syrup. This fact makes it harder to metabolize than regular sugar, which means that it will be harder for your body to process it and harder to get rid of it going to the gym or simply dieting.

Also, you should not fool yourself with the “non-sugar” soda drinks. These use other kinds of sweeteners, which not only work just the same as sugar-flavoured ones, but will also have the same negative effects on your metabolism and appetite.

If you’re a regular soda drinker, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is about 25%. That’s right, it’s a pretty high risk. Diabetes is a real, serious life-time condition, and drinking soda might be getting you closer to have it. Th risk of suffering from heart diseases by regularly drinking soda is about 20% as well, so a great way to stay healthy in every sense is to cut soda from your daily diet.

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Your bones are better off without it

Actually, we should ask ourselves: what part of our body is better with soda? None. But your bones take in lots of the problems soda can cause you. Sugar-flavoured drinks contain phosphoric acid, which makes it more difficult for your body to take the needed calcium and to absorb it. This will surely help develop osteoporosis, specially if you’re a woman after her 30s.

If you stop drinking soda, your bones will not recover what they have already lost, but will start getting all the calcium properly which will help you feel better and will make them less fragile over time.

As you can see, soda is no good for anybody. It can even be used to wash toilets! Please remember this everytime you want to drink one, and you’ll realize you’rebetter off without them. And remember: if you need a doctor, one of our English speaking doctors can help you and guide through all the process of stop drinking soda.