An English speaking physiotherapist by your side.


Physiotherapy Barcelona.


A sudden muscular pain, a sudden movement or a back pain can turn a few days of rest and fun in Barcelona into a problem. Doctors Barcelona know how important health is and how important it is feeling good and these is why within all our team we also have physiotherapists. In this way, we offer the possibility of offering some medical treatments together with physiotherapy sessions.


If you regularly do physiotherapy sessions in your home town to treat some type of ailment, during your stay in Barcelona you can also count on us if you do not want to interrupt the sessions while you are away from your country.


The team of physiotherapists is composed of experienced and evaluated professionals who all speak english. They can treat acute and chronic ailments. They evaluate the case of each patient so as to adopt the therapeutic treatment that best adapts to the objective of recovering functionality and mobility.


You can request the services of a physiotherapist directly through our regular telephone number +34 689 327 144 to book a visit with an English speaking professional who will reach you wherever you are. You can also consult the same doctor who has visited you about the suitability of supplementing the treatment with physiotherapy sessions.


In addition, the Doctors Barcelona team can provide you with orthopedic equipment in case you require it during your stay in the city.

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