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Medical Visits

Diagnosis and treatment for most illnesses and infections, with necessary prescriptions

Doctor in Barcelona available for medical visits

Minor health issues do take place when far away from home, Change in daily and food habits can easily cause gastroenteritis, flu, allergies or even food poisoning.

Long flights are also a common cause for circulation problems and even flu. Most of the health issues you may have when on vacation can be sorted out in 45 minutes wherever you are staying, by this we truly mean that we’ll happily visit you at your Hotel room, boat, or apartment. Any of our english speaking doctors after a complete medical consultation in Barcelona will be able to give you an appropriate diagnosis and based on this a prescription to get you well.

Our Barcelona doctors are expertly trained in emergency and home health care and treating illnesses and minor injuries. Our english speaking doctors in Barcelona are handpicked by us to give you the best healthcare treatment while you’re here. We offer complete diagnosis and treatment for minor injuries, sprains, wounds, cuts, animal bites, and ocular injuries. If needed, we have the resources thanks to being well-connected in the Barcelona area, and can send you to the nearest facility for further treatment and/or testing.

You will also feel safer having the constant support of a Doctor in Barcelona for as long as you’ll stay as we are reachable 24 hours per day and the 365 days in the year. Just take the doctor card after the visit and feel free to contact us anytime!

The english speaking doctor that will visit you, comes from our group of specialists that have been serving the top rated hotels in Barcelona for the last years. Gynecological consultations, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Ear nose and throat issues, all at your service in this marvelous city.

We understand your urge to continue with your vacation or your business trip as soon as possible and we will try our best so you can.

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Urgent care for children of all ages

Pediatrician in Barcelona

Traveling with kids presents its own challenges, even when everyone is feeling great. It means there are many more things to plan, like fun, kid-friendly activities and safety precautions; and many more things to pack, like games, coloring books, medicines and band-aids.

When travelling abroad with little ones, it’s equally important to make sure you have available health care wherever you are – even if you don’t anticipate your child getting sick. We all want our children to have the best, most educational, most memorable experience on vacation, but all of those intentions can become meaningless pretty quick if they start to not feel so well.

DoctorsBarcelona offers friendly, high-quality care for your children at your fingertips during your stay in Barcelona.  Give us a call or request a visit through our platform and we’ll be at your hotel room or apartment anywhere in the city in approximately one hour . We are expertly trained in home health care, child care, and all fluent in English. Our carefully-selected, English-speaking doctors are ready to give your child the care they need so they can get those smiles back on those faces and continue their enriching experience abroad.

Our team are trained to provide all the services your child or adolescent may need while traveling – from simple check-ups to emergency care. We treat and diagnose common illnesses, allergies, animal bites, injuries, and more. If your child needs x-rays or shots, we have the resources to make that happen for you with our connections to top facilities in Barcelona. You can count on us to be there for you and your child when you need us.

Travelling with kids can be a wonderful experience for them and you, but you can make it easier by being prepared. We know it can be difficult, but keeping them entertained, safe, and healthy will make your life easier. We’re here for you so you can just focus on the first one.

Chronic conditions

Health Care for people with chronic conditions

Travelling is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful opportunities that noone should miss. And Barcelona is a city that offers thousands of possibilities to discover and surprise you every time you visit it. Before embarking on a trip, people who have a chronic health problem should consider more aspects. Getting enough medication for the entire trip, reports from your doctor and information about where you can get medical attention if you have an emergency. Patients with chronic health problems who want to visit Barcelona can do it even more calmly.

Our team of doctors also offers health care for patients with chronic problems. They can follow-up the situation and also administer the injections that the patient needs for their treatment.

Initially, these visits are made in the hotel room or the apartment where the person stays. When the patient calls he or she can fix the day and hour that wants to have this check up. All our team of doctors speak English for the patients’ convenience.

In case the doctor, after the visit, assesses that it is necessary for the patient to be treated in the hospital, the same doctor will arrange his transfer to the most appropriate center according to his pathology. For this reason Doctors Barcelona has signed agreements with the best private hospitals in Barcelona. In this way, when one of our patients is transferred to these centers, he or she is treated immediately and effectively without language barriers.

Doctors Barcelona also has in its health care team nurses for treatments, routine controls or follow-up of cases.

Our team of English speaking doctors is formed by highly qualified doctors specialized in general medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, sports. All of them are fully dedicated to offering you the best health care at home so you can continue with your plans.

Medical Certificates

Fit to fly and medical leaves of absence when indicated

Fit to Fly Certificates

When you have had a health problem or you are wearing a cast, your airline or travel insurance company may require a fit to fly certificate in order to know that you are in good shape to fly and that it would not be a risk for you or for them to have you on a plane. We can provide the certificate with just a normal consultation within 45 minutes wherever you are. Our english speaking doctors are equipped to provide all the required tests such as EKG, Oxygen saturation, blood sugar levels, determine eardrum lesions and blood pressure.

Sick leave notes

We can also issue sick leaves when indicated. If you are attending a course or working in Barcelona and there is a valid reason because you are not feeling well, our doctors will be more than happy to make a consultation, check on your health, prescribe what’s necessary and give you a valid note to present at your School, University or workplace.

If you would be in need of a medical certificate in Barcelona, contact us and we will give you the assistance and the care you need.


An English speaking physiotherapist by your side

Physiotherapy barcelona

A sudden muscular pain, a sudden movement or a back pain can turn a few days of rest and fun in Barcelona into a problem. Doctors Barcelona know how important health is and how important it is feeling good and these is why within all our team we also have physiotherapists. In this way, we offer the possibility of offering some medical treatments together with physiotherapy sessions.

If you regularly do physiotherapy sessions in your home town to treat some type of ailment, during your stay in Barcelona you can also count on us if you do not want to interrupt the sessions while you are away from your country.

The team of physiotherapists is composed of experienced and evaluated professionals who all speak english. They can treat acute and chronic ailments. They evaluate the case of each patient so as to adopt the therapeutic treatment that best adapts to the objective of recovering functionality and mobility.

You can request the services of a physiotherapist directly through our regular telephone number +34 689 327 144 to book a visit with an English speaking professional who will reach you wherever you are. You can also consult the same doctor who has visited you about the suitability of supplementing the treatment with physiotherapy sessions.

In addition, the Doctors Barcelona team can provide you with orthopedic equipment in case you require it during your stay in the city.