Ensuring proper healthcare in global pandemic of Coronavirus


With time, the rate of Covid-19 cases is rising, affecting neighborhoods all around the globe. Therefore, Doctors Barcelona provides 24/7 telemedicine services with expert doctors to provide proper healthcare during Coronavirus.


Going to the hospital for checkups is a considerable risk of exposing yourself to the virus; that’s why getting help from an online doctor is the best option. Doctors Barcelona offers competent English-speaking doctors to help people regarding health issues from the safety of their homes.

From voice-call to video-call sessions to in-person house calls, Doctors Barcelona offers expert medical care for routine medical checkups to Covid-19 testing and care.


Do Doctors Barcelona offer COVID-19 Recovery Certificates?

If you Did a Covid-19 PCR test or Antigen test in the last 7 to 30 days and the result was positive, you are still eligible for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate.
This way you can travel to many destinations without the need of showing a negative PCR or Antigen result.


Do Doctors Barcelona offer Covid-19 testing?

If you experience mild symptoms of Coronavirus, book a telemedicine call with Doctors Barcelona. The doctor will enquire about symptoms and their severity. If they seem mild, you will be guided thoroughly regarding measures you should take and isolate yourself from other people.

In case of intense symptoms, we will arrange a Covid-19 test from local available labs and facilities and get you tested at home.


Symptoms of Covid-19:

The most commonly found symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, dry cough, and fatigue. More severe symptoms include shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, and chills.

You may experience mild symptoms like loss of sense of taste and smell, loss of appetite, sore throat, and body aches.


Where can I get tested for coronavirus?

If you experience severe Covid-19 symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and very high fever, then call for emergency help on 112. In case of minor signs, get in touch with the doctor on Doctors Barcelona telemedicine call and enter your symptoms for proper guidance.


If I experience any symptoms of Covid-19, what should I do?

Book a telemedicine call with Doctors Barcelona to get a thorough assessment of your symptoms and arrangement of appropriate testing and health care.


How can telemedicine screening of Covid-19 be done?

On a telemedicine call with Doctors Barcelona doctor via phone video chat, you can talk about your symptoms, and we will determine your risk level for Coronavirus and arrange  a proper testing.


How does a telemedicine call work?

In the current pandemic, it is precarious to visit a doctor or hospital. Therefore, a telemedicine call is recommended. On the telemedicine call, a doctor will ask all the questions regarding your condition and discuss your health on phone or video chat.

In case of need, the doctor will arrange a house call or refer you to a nearby emergency hospital.


Do Doctors Barcelona provide routine medical checkups and in-person house calls for people not affected by Covid-19?

Due to the risk of spreading Coronavirus infection, Doctors Barcelona encourages telemedicine calls on the phone or via video call to help people do routine checkups and take their updates.

For emergencies, we also arrange locally available doctors on house calls to check for any severe health issues and prescribe accordingly.

If you are quarantined home or in a hotel, we have hotel doctors available 24/7who can help you online on call and get the necessary medical help in case of emergency.


Healthcare for covid-19 affected patients:

In case you are infected by Coronavirus, our doctors will guide you accordingly to boost your immune system, prescribe medicines to take for mild symptoms (if needed), and arrange any necessary testing.

Doctors Barcelona doctors will also support regular follow-up sessions to keep updated on your condition. In case any severity is shown in symptoms, they will refer you to a local emergency hospital so you could get urgent help.


How could I know that I am affected by Covid-19?

If you experience Covid-19 symptoms, talk to our doctors on telemedicine call. They will assess all your symptoms and will advise either to get tested or not.

The tests available for Coronavirus are limited, and it is advisable not to get tested until it is indispensable. We will look out for your symptoms and decide what kind of testing is suitable for you (if needed).


Charges of telemedical call and Covid-19 testing:

The cost of a telemedicine call will be 150€, but depending on your medical insurance this amount could be reimbursed. Doctors Barcelona works with insurance companies worldwide that provide reimbursement options and try to provide the services at minimal cost in the coverage.


Are Covid-19 tests and treatment covered by public healthcare for free? What about that?

If you are a European passport holder you are entitled for free access to the public Spanish healthcare system, nonetheless it is recommended by the health authority to avoid visiting the hospital during the pandemic. Doctors Barcelona works with private insurances and try to provide the services at the minimal cost in the coverage. Therefore, it will include refunding your co-pay, and depending on your insurance there will be no charges at all.


Is Covid-19 a severe issue or just hype?

Covid-19 is a severe illness and has proven fatal for people, especially over the age of 60 and those having other health issues like diabetes or heart disease.


Should we be scared of this pandemic?

No. You need to be careful and protect yourself and your family by means of properly washing hands, using sanitizer, wearing face masks, and using plastic gloves in public.

You should also take care and maintain the proper 6ft/2m distance in any public area and of course when travelling. Together we can keep this social distancing until this pandemic ends.


Where can I get more details on Covid-19 issues?




Is Doctors Barcelona offering house calls during this pandemic?

For the safety of both doctors and patients, Doctors Barcelona is offering Telemedicine appointments for the purpose of contactless health care during this pandemic. For medicine refilling, chronic diseases, mental care, and viral infection, we provide care for all via Telemedicine.

In the case of need, we offer house calls in areas where we have doctors available. For details, check our house visits policies during this pandemic.


Contact Doctors Barcelona to fulfill all your family’s healthcare needs

If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or need a routine medical checkup, book a telemedicine call with Doctors Barcelona. We can also arrange in-person house visits for urgent cases.