How to obtain a
COVID-19 Letter of recovery

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Letter of Recovery from COVID-19

Allows you to flight to the US with a positive COVID test result

What is a Letter of Recovery from COVID-19 or a Document of Recovery from COVID-19


The letter of recovery is an official document from a licensed physician stating the you are fit to fly. You must provide a positive COVID-19 Viral test result not older than 90 days.



You are eligible for a Letter of Recovery from COVID-19 if the following conditions are satisfied:


Self Isolation of 7 days completed.
• Positive COVID-19 PCR or a positive COVID-19 Antigen test result.



Showing the Letter of Recovery, you need no more to show a negative COVID-19 test. This way you are not required anymore for testing before your flight to the US. Book now and receive your Document of recovery ASAP.


You will receive:

• An official Document of recovery stating that you have been cleared for travel and have recovered from COVID-19.
• Signed and dated by a fully licensed doctor in Spain.
• Prepared on the Medvisit official letterhead.
• Emailed it to you after a video consultation with the doctor.

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Recovery from COVID-19

Do you need to know:

Persons who have recovered from COVID-19, may still show positive on tests for up to 90 days after their COVID-19 infection.
Persons with a Positive SARS CoV-2 test can travel to the US if they meet the following conditions:


1. Sample taken during the last 3 months.
2. Test result is positive.
3. Have a Document of Recovery signed by a licensed doctor clearing you for travel.
4. All in accordance with CDC´s guidelines.


The COVID-19 documentation of Recovery will include:

• The practice name, address, contact information and license number.
• The patient identifying information: Full name and passport matching date of birth.


Type of tests accepted for the Letter of Recovery:

PCR COVID-19 or Antigen COVID-19 tests only


Ag, Antigen Lateral Flow Fluorescence
Antigen Chemiluminescence Immunoassay
Antigen Chromatographic Digital Immunoassay
Antigen Lateral Flow Fluorescence
Rapid Antigen
Viral Antigen


Test must show the word POSITIVE.
Self tests, over the counter tests or unsupervised test without certificate will not be considered valid.
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