Forget diamonds! Menstrual cups are a girl’s best friends

Today is International Women’s Day and we have found the best way of celebrating it: by upgrading your period experience forever!

Period, menstruation, “moon days”, even “fury days”… We all know what we’re talking about. Periods can be the worst time of the month for a woman if she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with it. In order to have it, you have to understand your body and accept that not all bodies are the same. If you accept and love your body like it is, then you can move on to finding the best way to get through menstruation without feeling uncomfortable or having to go to the bathroom every minute.

If you’re one of the many women who still lives in a world where menstruation sucks, we have a great friend we want you to meet: the menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups have been in the market ever since the 50s, but they have become more and more popular over the years thanks to the many benefits of internet connection. In the past few years, these little friends have pop up in the scene because of their many benefits. Many women have declared that their lives have changed for the better due to menstrual cups, improving their traumatic experiences with menstruation and helping them reconcile with their bodies.


What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a completely safe and reusable device designed to hold menstrual blood during period. This device is shaped as a cup and made with flexible medical grade silicone that is body-safe. A menstrual cup can last for more than 10 years, which makes it more affordable in the long term compared to other methods.

The cup can hold up as much as you can according to the characteristics of your period and will not leak if placed correctly. Most women rinse their cups every 4-12 hours, and take about less than 15 minutes to do it.

Unlike other methods such as tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual blood and hold it rather than absorbing it. The cup is much more hygienic than other methods described before as it doesn’t absorb the blood, keeping your private parts safe from forming bacteria.

Cups come in different shapes and colors depending on your personal taste and your necessities. Women who have had children or have heavy flow periods might want to go with a bigger size. Any doctor can guide you through the process of choosing and buying the perfect cup for you.

Can everybody wear cups?

Yes. Everybody can wear menstrual cups, but you have to find the right cup for you in order to get the best of it. If you have a regular flow and have never had children, it is most likely that every cup will work for you.

However, doctors don’t recommend underage girls use menstrual cups as they can harm your himen during insertion.

Benefits of menstrual cups

  • Eco-friendly. By using a menstrual cup, you will stop using disposable pads and tampons, which will lower your waste footprint A LOT! Menstrual cups are resuable and therefore the best, eco-friendly option when it comes to period-related products. If you buy one, you will get ten years of zero period-related waste.
  • A range of different cups made for fitting everybody. There are several sizes and shapes in the industry, so you can pick whatever you feel more comfortable with. Keep in mind the characteristics of your period in order to find the best one for you: do you have a heavy flow or rather less heavy? Have you ever had any children? You may find help from doctors to find the one that’s best according to your body.
  • More economic than other methods. In the long term, you will save ten years of money used in buying tampons and pads. A menstrual cup lasts for over a decade and its costs are lower than what you’d spend in tampons in a year!
  • More hygienic. Tampons and pads are filled with chemicals and perfumes that will be literally inside of you for at hours. Does that seem any hygienic or safe at all? No. Menstrual cups on the other hand are 100% silicone, which keeps no bacteria and no smell, and poreless so they wont keep any residue sticked to them.


How to use a menstrual cup

Every woman must experiment with her menstrual cup to understand what works best for her in terms of finding a way of putting it in. However, we found this really useful video to guide you through the process if you need some help!

Here’s how to insert a menstrual cup:

Our English speaking doctors are capable of giving you extra tips on how to use the menstrual cup or to help you if you need it with every doubt you have relating menstruation. Call us if you need a doctor in one of our cities and happy women’s day!