Top 7  health issues for Women

Women’s health: all you need to know in order to be a healthy woman!

Women have many concerns during life, one of them is to stay healthy. But what does it means to stay healthy for women and what are the main concerns? There are some health issues that can affect only women or some others are more common among women. What is curious is that men and women might experience different symptoms. Many diseases can affect women in a different way and this 8 March we thought to share what you need to keep under control in order to be a healthy woman. If you would like to consult an English speaking doctor while being abroad in Barcelona you can contact us anytime.

Here you can find seven of the main issues regarding women’s health:

Top 7 health issues for Women

1. Heart disease: did you know that many women have heart attacks and that the symptoms can be different for males?

Women are at high risk to have heart attacks. According to Harvard Health, in the US almost 50 million of women have cardiovascular diseases, which includes heart disease and strokes. But the symptoms of the female heart attacks can be quite different from the male ones, let’s see them one by one.

  • As with men women can feel pressure, squeezing or pain in the centre of the chest. It can stay a few minutes or it can come and go.
  • Women are more likely to experience shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, lightheaded.
  • Other symptoms common for women with heart disease are pain or discomfort in one or both arms, neck, jaw or stomach.

If you have one of those symptoms please call the emergency number. In Spain, you need to call 112 or contact with our english doctors in Barcelona.

You can prevent heart diseases by being fiscally more active. The more active you are the lower is the risk of those diseases. Also if necessary, you can modify your daily diet, in order to eat healthier.

2. Women and mental health

Did you know that many women are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than men? Some evidences show how females are more sensitive to the mental health sphere. Depression is the most common mental health problem for women and according to WHO (World Health Organisation), the suicide is a leading cause of death for women under 60. If you would seek assistance in order to help you or someone around you, please do contact a doctor. Mental health is an issue not to be undervalued, for this reason, it is important to know the main mental illnesses symptoms. If you would like to consult an English speaking doctor in Barcelona you can contact us anytime.

3. Cancer in Women

The most common cancers affecting women are breast and cervical cancers. Detecting both these cancers early is key to keeping women alive and healthy. Some global figures from the WHO (World Health Organisation) show that around half a million women die from cervical cancer and half a million from breast cancer each year. The vast majority of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries where screening, prevention and treatment are almost non-existent.

Consulting a gynaecologist is fundamental in a woman’s life, make sure you choose the one you trust and that you feel comfortable with. It is recommended to see a gynaecologist once every year in order to see if your situation is healthy and in order to do the Pap test.

Also, make sure you keep your breast’s under control by having annual screenings.  The mammography is recommended from the age of 40. If you might have a family member that had breast cancer, you should keep your situation more frequently under control. Of course, the consultations with your gynaecologist can be more or less frequent depending on your health and your situation.

4. Sexual Health

Sex is a fundamental factor in a woman life. Each woman can live her sexuality in different ways, it can come earlier, you can have different expectations or experiences. Next to that, the woman’s sexual sphere can connect different sexual organs, some glands, the hormones.

To have safe sex is fundamental to stay a healthy woman. Contraception is the first important part of sexual health. By using the right contraception you can avoid sexually transmitted diseases. These include gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, human papillomavirus, and HIV/AIDS. Using a condom or another contraception is a key fact in order to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Maternal health

An important moment of women’s life is maternity. Make sure that you keep your pregnancy under control during the 9 months. The pregnancy is a journey that is normally divided into three trimesters in which the baby goes through some different development stages. During the first trimester, the baby will begin to develop his organs. The mother to be can experience morning sickness, fatigue and some other pregnancies symptoms. During the second trimester, the baby will start having skin, hair and you can start hearing the heartbeat. For the moms, the morning sickness goes away but it followed by other pregnancy consequences like back pain or leg cramps. The final trimester is the time in which the baby will go through the last grow. At the end of this trimester, the baby will normally position himself in preparation for the birth. For the mothers this period is the last stretch before birth, they can experience tiredness, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping.

6. Women and stress

An enemy of women’s daily life is stress. It can occur to each one of us to have a bad day or to be overwhelmed by a situation, a problem at work, a relationship. The challenge is to be able to manage the stress and to overcome our anxieties. According to the National Women’s Health Information Centerwomen can have many different types of reactions caused by stress. You can experiences the loss of hair, see changes in your menstruation, have headache or stomach troubles. Some women can experience a loss or a gain of weigh as a consequence of a stress situation, or they can experience different skin reactions like itchy rashes. Some other consequences are less physical and more psychological, for example, a stressed woman can experience trouble sleeping, concentration or difficulty to communicate with the others. The best way to fight this? Identify the cause and learn some tips by our english doctors in Barcelona of how to manage your stress. Each one of us has its own way, discover yours.

7. Blood exams

Also, do you know that is also important to take some blood exams? In this way, with a general analytic you can evaluate your general health situation.


If you are abroad and you need to consult an English speaking doctor in Barcelona you can always count on us. Your health is our priority!