Tips to prevent spring allergies

Flowers are blossoming, the weather becomes softer… Spring finally arrived! But this season brings allergies as well. Discover here how to prevent them!

It’s springtime. Weather becomes softer, flowers start to blossom but some allergies will come with it as well. With the temperature rising and the summer a step closer, the pollen is released into the atmosphere and it causes many unlucky moments for some people. Pretreating seasonal allergies it is fundamental to better control the symptoms from showing up. If you are travelling in Barcelona and you would like visiting an english doctor in Barcelona you can always contact us. 

How do spring allergies works?

When spring allergies start to float in the air they create an overreaction once they reach our noses. This reaction creates an impact of discomfort in our body, you start sneezing, couching, the throat becomes sore and you have a running nose. Seasonal allergies can also affect your sleep making you rest worst or making you feel more tired. The most common season allergies are typically pollen from oak, elm, maple trees, poplar, birch depending of course in which part of the world you live. You can contact a doctor in order to find a way to prevent seasonal allergies. Do you know that you can make an appointment while traveling? If you would like visiting an english speaking doctor in Barcelona, you can book an appointment here. 

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Symptoms of spring allergies

Spring allergies can be annoying. The symptoms that you can experience are:

  • Congestion or sinus pressure
  • Running nose and sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Feeling tired
  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Reduce sense of taste or smell

Tips to survive pollen allergy

The most common spring allergy is the pollen one. While tree blossom, the pollen is released in the hair causing discomfort for some of us. There are many ways to reduce your exposure to pollen allergy. Here you can find some tips that might help you:

  • Reduce your exposure if you see that outside you have pollen in the air.
  • When you go home remove the clothes you were wearing outside and take a shower in order to eliminate the pollen.
  • Close the window and try to stay inside when the pollen is high.
  • Try to keep your house clean. The pollen tends to stick to fabrics or furniture. You might try to Vacuum quite often during the allergy season.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in the morning. The pollen is higher during this part of the day.
  • If you would like medical treatments you can contact one of our doctors. They will prescribe you the best remedies for your medical care.

How can I prevent allergic reactions?

Every allergy is different and each one of us can deal with it in a different way.  Try to identify the causes and the symptoms of your allergy it can help you to understand how you can feel better and it can be useful for the doctors in order to help you. If you are travelling in Barcelona and you would like visiting a doctor you can always contact us. We will visit you at the doorstep of your hotel or home and we will help you get better. In this way, you can go back and enjoy the rest of your holiday. To discover more about seasonal allergies you can check the page of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

We do hope you enjoy this spring season coming, Barcelona is a nice destination every time of the year and we are always here to help you while traveling.


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