The Consequences Of Stress On Our Body

Do you know the consequences stress can have on our body? 

In our busy lives, we all experience a period of stress at some point. Work can be too overwhelming, you can have troubles in your family or problems to deal with in a specific situation. Yes, life can be hard sometimes and each one of us can react in different ways. Anxiety and stress are not good for your health.  This is why it is so important to learn how to manage stress in order to have a healthier mind, healthier body and a better quality of life.

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Stomach pain and diarrhoea

Have you ever heard of someone saying that they are either eating too little or eating too much because of stress? It happens to many of us. There are some people that do not eat much due to feeling like they have a not in the stomach and others that stress eat and cannot stop. Some may experience stomach pain as well. This is because anxiety can cause abdominal pain, leading to nausea and vomiting. If you think you need a medical consultation with an English speaking doctor in Barcelona you can always count on us. Book an appointment here.

Panic attacks

Stress can cause a moment of panic that leads to major consequences on our body. For example, panic attacks. You may experience one at anytime when you have to face a difficult and overwhelming situation. The physical symptoms of panic attacks include heart palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

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Heart palpitations

As a consequence of anxiety, our heartbeat becomes more intense, almost like when you experience a panic attack. The best way to slow down your heartbeat is to take deep breaths and remain calm. If you would like a consultation with an English speaking doctor or Pediatrician in Barcelona, you can book an appointment via our platform. Our doctors are just a click away! 

Respiration problems

Stress can cause shortness in breath, the difficulty of breathing normally and shortness of breath. These symptoms are also frequent during panic attacks.

Fatigue and anger

Everyone has a difficult moments in life. When faced with challenges, many times we feel angry or  confused. We can lose interest in things we used to do and can find it difficult to carry out our daily activities. This is all due to stress.

The best way to defeat stress is to find a way to control and destroy it. Sports or physical activity can be a really good way to free yourself from worry. Another way is to pick up some hobbies in order to keep you focused and interested. If you do not have a hobby, maybe it is a good time to try to find one! You can play an instrument, attend art classes, take languages lessons, to name a few. Another way to get back in the swing of things is to go out with your friends and try to forget any bad thoughts in life.


Sometimes, days can be hard and it is not uncommon to experience. Depression can make you feel discouraged, angry and not understood by the people around you. You may lose your interest in hobbies or activities. Depression can arise for several reasons and each one of us copes with it differently. Many people that suffer from depression usually choose therapy treatment. It is helpful in the sense that it can improve your wellbeing, help you communicate better with the others and suggest hobbies or activities for you to do in order to promote positivity. 

Decrease of sex drive

Yes, with stress you can experience a loss of sexual desire as well. 


As a consequence of stress, it is extremely common to experience headaches. Try your best to rest and get a good sleep. This will give you more energy and drive to deal with obstacles in your life.

High blood pressure

Anxiety without a doubt can cause your blood pressure to rise. Especially in stressful situations, it can temporarily rise.

Stress can have many consequences on the mind and body. It affects each of us differently and we all have a different way of dealing with it. The secret is to understand what works best for you.

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