Pediatric medical care at home in barcelona

Travelling with kids can be challenging. Knowing that a specialist can look after your kids immediately in case of need will help you have peace of mind when far away from your GP and let you enjoy the fun of travelling with the little ones! Travelling is an amazing experience for them too, just pack a small first aid kit and be sure to know where to call in case of an emergency. Our English speaking doctors can treat urgent illnesses and injuries for children 3 months and older. Just gives us a call if you are not sure if the condition requires medical attention, we are happy to help!
If your children have serious allergies, it might be a good idea to make them travel with a card that specifies what they are allergic to and how serious the condition is in English or the language of your destination. Have also the vaccination card with you.
If travelling for long, visit your pediatrician before to discuss your plans and know his advice.
Fever in children is a serious threatening condition that does not allow losing time. If after a 10 minutes’ warm bath it doesn`t go below 37,7degrees Celsius or 99,9 Fahrenheit, let us know immediately and a doctor who specializes in children will visit you and your loved one, wherever you are.
Any doubts in regard of your little ones can be addressed by Doctors Barcelona English speaking doctor. Skin rashes, behavioral changes, cough, gastrointestinal conditions, minor injuries. If the condition is alarming or severe, we will refer you to the best pediatric hospital where the attention is immediate and in your own language.
Barcelona is a welcoming city, especially for young families, children are allowed in most premises so don`t refrain from bringing the whole tribe!