English speaking doctor to medical care at home in barcelona

Minor health issues do take place when far away from home, Change in daily and food habits can easily cause gastroenteritis, flu, allergies or even food poisoning. Long flights are also a common cause for circulation problems and even flu. Most of the health issues you may have when on vacation can be sorted out in 45 minutes wherever you are staying, by this we truly mean that we`ll happily visit you at your Hotel room, boat, or apartment. Any of our English speaking doctors after a complete medical consultation in Barcelona will be able to give you an appropriate diagnosis and based on this a prescription to get you well. You will also feel more save having the constant support of a Doctor in Barcelona for as long as you`ll stay as we are reachable 24 hours per day and the 365 days in the year. Just take the doctor card after the visit and feel free to contact us anytime!
Doctor Barcelona staff can also follow-up on you if you have a previous or chronic health condition and need medical controls periodically, or need shots of your regular medication to be administered. If given the fact that your condition is severe, we will address the best hospital to attend you immediately and of course, without language barriers.
The English speaking doctors that conform the group are all specialists and have been serving the top rated hotels in Barcelona for the last years. Doctors Barcelona is recommended as well by the US and UK consulate.
Gynecological consultations, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Ear nose and throat issues, all at your service in this marvelous city.
We understand your urge to continue with your vacation or your business trip as soon as possible and we will try our best so you can.