Doctors at home for injuries

Barcelona is one of the cleanest, accessible and best organized cities in the world, but it doesn’t mean that you will be 100% risk free. We hope you stay fine but, just in case follow our advice and always be careful.
If by any unfortunate chance you twist an ankle while walking around the city or get a small cut, feel free to call anytime and no matter where you are, an English speaking doctor will be with you in 30 minutes to examine you and diagnose the kind of lesion. If possible, you will be administered treatment onsite, for example bandages or stitches. Small to medium wounds can be sutured at your hotel, apartment or boat with local anesthesia with no need to travel to a hospital. If the condition is more severe Doctors Barcelona staff will refer you to the best place if you need x-rays to check no bone is affected.
If luck doesn`t strike and you get something in your eye, one of our doctors may asses, get rid of the pain with topical anesthesia, clean and take off the foreign body and properly evaluate there`s no serious damage. If so, the best Eye Clinic in Barcelona will immediately take you upon our referral.
The most common injurie type in our practice is back pain, luckily our staff has doctors specialized both in Sports Medicine and Traumatology. About 30 minutes after your call you will be examined and the best possible treatment will be administered including shots and proper analgesia. If required an MRI will be scheduled for the same day. If the condition is chronic there are great Chiropractor in Barcelona that will happily take you in for a consultation.