Running in Barcelona : tips and motivations

Running in Barcelona has beecome a trend and keeps gaining new followers every day. Whoever tries it and survives the first days, says it is addictive.

In the morning, at noon or in the evening of any day that does not rain, go out and have a look around you. You will cross with solitary runners, groups of two or three or even training teams!

Barcelona doesn’t escape from this fashion and it isn’t necessary to go to the seaside to verify that the city is almost an athletics track! If you have just arrived in the city, going for a run, as well as a way of doing healthy and low-cost exercise, is a good way to disconnect from daily routine in a completely new environment for you. You also have a lot of routes for running in Barcelona depending on the distance and the difficulty. Here we show you a small selection.

If we have already convinced you to join sports, you can take advantage of the training to meet people in your new city. In Barcelona there are numerous groups of runners who organize trainings. You can check the network or the fitness center in your neighborhood.

If you decide to start training by yourself, we recommend visiting a doctor for a health check first and then:

  • Avoid the sunny hours of the day
  • Control hydration throughout the day
  • Apply sunscreen before leaving
  • Wear clothes that make you more visible. It’s a matter of security
  • Don’t run along the marked lanes for bicycles
  • Take time to warm up your muscles before you start running
  • The first days set yourself realistic goals
  • Don’t forget to do stretching exercises at the end. Contact with an expert to learn how to do it

Woman_running_in_BarcelonaPhysical exercise is a valuable ingredient of healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise must always be adapted to the physical and health conditions of each person. Some of the benefits if you start running are:

  • keeps you in shape by strengthening your muscles
  • decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • controls your weight
  • controls stress and helps your relax
  • favors a more optimistic mood

After this … will you tell us how your first training was?