How to keep your brain healthy?

Your brain is like any other part of your body, needs training and exercise. If you want to stay sharp never stop exercising your mind by learning new things.

With age, it is common to have a mental decline. Some researches have shown that to exercise your brain can slow mental decline when you become older. In order to prevent this and to keep your brain young and healthy, it is important to stimulate his activity. Exercise, a good diet and many activities are keys element of such a process. Our team of doctors have prepared some tips for you in order to keep your brain healthy. If you need an English speaking doctor in Barcelona you can contact us anytime. 

Keep your brain healthy and try our tips in order to do some “mental gym”. Here some tips for you in order to keep your brain trained and healthy:

  • Stay curious and involved in many activities
  • Never stop to learn new things!
  • Read and write, do puzzle and crossword
  • Go to lectures, follow language courses or enrol in one of the many courses (time it is not an excuse, you can follow even online courses!)
  • Play games, especially with the youth to keep you young in your mind and body
  • Find a local adult centre where you can learn, discuss and interact with other people
  • Be social, find a hobby or go out with friends
  • Eat a healthy diet full of vitamins, vegetables, wholegrain, fish
  • Sport! Exercise is really important for the body but is also good for the mind!
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

If you would like more information about how to keep your brain healthy and you would like to receive a medical consultation you can book an appointment here on our platform. Are you not able to speak Spanish? Do not worry, one of our English speaking doctors in Barcelona will be able to help you. Your health is our priority.

How emotions can affect your health

mental health

How can emotions affect my health? Your body acts in consequence to the way you think, feel and behave. Your emotions play a fundamental role in your mental health and they can improve your quality of life and your brain.

Many situations, changes, stress, problems can make your life difficult. Your body responds to this situation and your mind as well. You can feel stressed, exhausted, worried, angry, unfulfilled, demotivated… To improve your brain health you need to improve your way of life. Our English Speaking Doctor in Barcelona wants to tell you some advices: 

  • Express your emotions in the right way

Try to express your emotions in the right way, if you are stressed angry or worried try to have time for yourself, do some exercise or have a hobby in order to express all your emotions. if you are feeling too stressed or anxious you can contact an English speaking doctor in Barcelona.

Discover more here how to manage stress.

  • Find time for yourself

In today’s fast lifestyle, we can really be stressed and so busy that we do not get the time to eat properly or to do some exercise. We feel under pressures because of our targets and we forget to have a moment of time for ourselves. it is fundamental instead to be able to find time for family, friends, hobby and time for yourself.

  • Have a balanced life: take care of your mind and body

To have a healthy lifestyle it is recommended to have a good work/life balance, to avoid stress and dedicate time to activities that can improve your quality of life. It can help you to balance out both your mind and your body.

Do you want to ask a doctor?

How can you keep your mind healthy? How can you have a balanced life and cope with stress? Book an appointment with an English speaking doctor in Barcelona!