11 Consequences of stress on our body

Do you know which consequences stress can have on our body? 


In this frenetic life, we can have a stressful period in our lives. Work can be too overwhelming, you can have troubles in your family or problems to deal with a specific situation. Yes, life can be hard sometimes and each one of us can react in different ways. Anxiety and stress are not good things for your health, for both your mind and body. That is why is really important to learn how to manage them in order to have a healthier mind, a healthier body and a better quality of life. Read our weekly post to discover which consequences stress can have on our health! Remember that if you need an english speaking doctor Barcelona, you can always count on us!

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How to keep your brain healthy?

Your brain is like any other part of your body, needs training and exercise. If you want to stay sharp never stop exercising your mind by learning new things.

With age, it is common to have a mental decline. Some researches have shown that to exercise your brain can slow mental decline when you become older. In order to prevent this and to keep your brain young and healthy, it is important to stimulate his activity. Exercise, a good diet and many activities are keys element of such a process. Our team of doctors have prepared some tips for you in order to keep your brain healthy. If you need an English speaking doctor in Barcelona you can contact us anytime. 

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Post Erasmus Depression, and now what?

Back from Erasmus, and now what? Discover how to overcome your post-Erasmus depression! If you would be in Erasmus in Barcelona and you would like help finding a new doctor, you can count on our medical assistance.

You left everything behind you and you decided to leave in Erasmus. You left your crying mother, your best friends, your room, your country to explore a new adventure out of your comfy zone, to overcome your boundaries. But then real life kicks in again and you have to go back home. Yes, happens to the best of us. And while taking off the photos on the wall and put them in your luggage, you ask your self: and now what? Coming back home can be an overwhelming experience. Everything looks the same but you have changed. You became independent, you have made so many international friends and you have explored so many new cultures. After this exciting and amazing experience, real life can be boring. Back at home, everything is like when you left and the adventures you have lived abroad are inexplicable to the others. That is where the post-Erasmus depression kicks in. We can imagine how difficult is to overcome it but do not worry. Here some tips for you! Remember that if you need help finding a new english speaking doctor in Barcelona, we are always here for you! 

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Tips to prevent spring allergies

Flowers are blossoming, the weather becomes softer… Spring finally arrived! But this season brings allergies as well. Discover here how to prevent them!

It’s springtime. Weather becomes softer, flowers start to blossom but some allergies will come with it as well. With the temperature rising and the summer a step closer, the pollen is released into the atmosphere and it causes many unlucky moments for some people. Pretreating seasonal allergies it is fundamental to better control the symptoms from showing up. If you are travelling in Barcelona and you would like visiting an english doctor in Barcelona you can always contact us. 

How do spring allergies works?

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Why water is important for us?

What are the benefits of water? How much should I drink each day to stay healthy? Discover it in our weekly post!


How many times you have heard that water is life? I guess many times. This is because water is so important for the human body, it is a necessity we have not only to be healthy but to survive. But what are the benefits of water? How much should I drink each day to stay healthy? Doctors Barcelona is answering those questions in this post. If you would like to consult an English general doctor in Barcelona while traveling we can provide you with the best medical care while being far from home.

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What can you do if your child is overweight?

As a parent, you have many responsibilities to keep your child healthy. One of those is to help them eat well, do some movement and to maintain a healthy weight. Let’s discover what you can do if your child is overweight.

As a parent, you play a fundamental role in your child’s life. Children are changing their diet and their eating habits because of the influence of rapid social and economic development. They move less and eat unhealthy food bringing a dramatical change within their childhood. As a parent, there is a lot you can do to help your child being healthy. Child obesity brings to some health complications like type 2 diabetes or heart diseases, but it also leaves a lack of confidence in your child. Some researches have shown that a healthy child is a fitter, has more self-esteem, is a faster learner and it is more confident in his daily life. If you would be traveling to Barcelona with kids and you would need an advice for a doctor, you can always consult one our Pediatrician in Barcelona by booking an appointment here.  

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Top 7  health issues for Women

Women’s health: all you need to know in order to be a healthy woman!

Women have many concerns during life, one of them is to stay healthy. But what does it means to stay healthy for women and what are the main concerns? There are some health issues that can affect only women or some others are more common among women. What is curious is that men and women might experience different symptoms. Many diseases can affect women in a different way and this 8 March we thought to share what you need to keep under control in order to be a healthy woman. If you would like to consult an English speaking doctor while being abroad in Barcelona you can contact us anytime.

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How to avoid food poisoning while traveling?

Food poison while traveling? No worries, we send you the house doctor in Barcelona that you need

How many times has it happened to you to be traveling and suddenly you feel sick? Maybe you ate something wrong, probably it was a type of drink you bought. Food poisoning is a reaction to food or water contaminated during improper cooking, handling or storage. No worries, it is quite common especially while traveling. For this reason, we thought to inform you about food poisoning and to give you some tips to not get it again in the future. If you would seek a house doctor in Barcelona and you do not know where to go or who to call, you can book an appointment with one of our english doctors in Barcelona.

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The benefits of the Mediterranean diet: a healthy way of living

Fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, legumes, and whole grains are keys elements of the Mediterranean diet. Learn about the benefits you can have with this diet in order to have a better lifestyle.


The Mediterranean diet is not only a healthy way of eating but it is also a lifestyle. Our doctors in Barcelona would advice that this diet contains traditions and healthy living habits of the countries around the Mediterranean sea, like France, Spain, Italy and Greece. But what is in specific the Mediterranean diet and what it has of different from other types of diets?  In general, it consists in eating a lot of vegetables, cereals, fruits and a low intake of red meat, but let’s see in specific what are the elements of this healthy way of eating. If you would need a doctor for a consultation you can count on Doctors Barcelona, your health is our priority.

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