Tips to be safe during La Mercè

La Mercè is getting closer, we give you some tips to be safe during this amazing celebration. And remember, if you would need a medical visit, DoctorsBarcelona works also on bank holidays!

It’s starting the countdown for the festival of La Mercè that will see Barcelona and its inhabitants protagonist of this four days of pure concerts, games, traditions and entertainment activities. The city will become like a big theatre. The celebration takes place the 21, 22, 23 and 24 September. Barcelona colours up even more than normal, firework will cross its sky and music will be around every corner of the street. If you would need a medical visit in Barcelona during La Merce’, no worries. We work on bank holidays as well. You are safe with us!

Also, Doctors Barcelona will be taking part in this wonderful time and to fully enjoy and embrace La Mercè experience. In this occasion, we decided to give you some safety tips.

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What causes severe stomach ache?

Stomach ache is really common and can be caused by many different reasons. Watch out, sometimes this pain can be the indication of something very serious. Find out what your pain can be and how one of our local doctors in Barcelona can help you

There are multiple reasons why stomach ache occurs. Most of the time the pain is nothing serious and disappears after a few days. However, severe pain can be a sign of something more serious. You should learn how to recognise which symptoms need the consultation of a doctor. How to get medical help while travelling? If you would be travelling for work or pleasure, you can always contact one of our local doctors in Barcelona. You can arrange a visit just with a simple click on your phone or with a call. An English speaking doctor will be at your disposition.

Let’s find out some of the causes of stomach ache.

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How much does a private doctor ’s visit cost without insurance?

The Spanish health care has one the best systems in the world, discover how to visit a private doctor without any insurance and how much it will cost you.

Find a local English speaking doctor in Barcelona

The Spanish heath care system is ranked among one of the best in the world and you can rely on both private or public healthcare. If you live or work in Spain officially, you have the right to have access to the public one. If you are a tourist or an expat coming from outside Europe you have to choose for the private health insurance.

What if you are travelling and you don’t have one? In this case, you will need to pay the full amount of any medical costs and this could be quite expensive. However, If you are in Barcelona and you would like to see a private doctor without any health insurance, you can contact one expert of our team. Once you have booked an appointment via phone or via our website, one of our English speaking doctors will be at your home or hotel to help you with your problem.

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10 Best physiotherapy exercises to reduce back pain

Doctors Barcelona have put together 10 simple physiotherapy exercises you can do at home to decrease your pain

Most People have experienced lower back pain and many can be the causes. For this reason, Doctors Barcelona recommends you 10 exercises for back pain to do at home. You can repeat them everyday in combination with other activities like walking, yoga or swimming. Always listen to your body and find a physiotherapist if the pain would not be improving after a few weeks or if you would experience sever pain while exercising.

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How do you get a medical certificate while travelling?

If you are sick while on a business trip, during travelling or while being abroad for your studies you shouldn’t worry. Doctors Barcelona can provide you the medical certificate you need!

Barcelona is a city for a multitude of occasions: business, pleasure, studying and so much more. It can happen that during your stay you get sick and you would need a medical certificate to justify your absence at a conference, for your study or a ‘fit to fly’ certificate to be allowed to travel back home. The problem with being sick abroad is that you do not really know how everything works and you don’t feel like wasting valuable time. Doctors Barcelona is your solution. One of our doctors will be at your door in 45 minutes, and give you a sick note or a ‘fit to fly’ certificate after a consultation.

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Barcelona with kids: The most common illnesses for children on vacation

Traveling with kids is fun, but you should always be prepared in case they get sick. Here you will find the most common illnesses your child can get abroad and the closest pediatrician near you


Barcelona is a city that fascinates adults as well as children. Full of actives and things to do by day and by night, this city is a great destination for family holidays. While travelling in Barcelona, you can have fun with your kids at the Acquarium, or bring them in one of the many child friendly museums. They can have fun playing on the beach, going to the Parc d’ Atraccions in Tibidabo or riding a bike through the city. We all know that while travelling with kids, we should be prepared for when they get sick. You will always feel safe travelling with kids in Barcelona, the Spanish health care is commonly to be really good. You can always and easily consult a pediatrician if your child is sick. Discover here which one is the closest pediatrician near you.

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Thinking about a better lifestyle? 10 health tips to help you

A doctor in Barcelona gives the main practical health tips for a better daily life

  • A balanced diet

A good and balanced diet is the key to a healthier life. You should eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables, lots of proteins and avoid fat food. It is important to consume the right amount of calories in balance with the energy that you burn.

  • Avoid smoking

It is already well known that smoking is bad for your health for several reasons and many are the benefits of quitting. By not smoking you can reduce future risks of the diseases related with tobacco and you can improve your life expectancy. If you would need a further Read more “Thinking about a better lifestyle? 10 health tips to help you”

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Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!

DoctorsBarcelona knows that a health problem happens anytime so our house-call doctors are also working during the summer months. We aren’t going on holidays!. Although lifestyle and normal rhythm in this season are different, our house-call service doesn’t change, it remains the same and is still available 24h/7d.

Barcelona is a fascinating destination even more in summer. The city has lots of attractions and offers delightful plans in different neighborhoods during these weeks (read about them here). For that reason and due to Read more “Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!”


What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention

Cystitis or urine infection is an infection in the bladder that produces pain and discomfort. Most times, the infection is caused by a bacterium (Escherichia coli). If it’s detected early and the patient follows all the doctor’s treatment, the infection quickly disappears.

If the infection is not treated at an early stage it can move and affect the kidneys, provoking a more serious health problem (pyelonephritis, kidney infection) with health consequences. That’s why a fast diagnosis is essential to Read more “What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention”

Woman_suffering_ cystitis

Running in Barcelona : tips and motivations

Running in Barcelona has become a trend and keeps gaining new followers every day. Whoever tries it and survives the first days, says it is addictive.

In the morning, at noon or in the evening of any day that does not rain, go out and have a look around you. You will cross with solitary runners, groups of two or three or even training teams!

Barcelona doesn’t escape from this fashion and it isn’t necessary to go to the seaside to verify that the city is almost an athletics track! If you have just arrived in the city,  Read more “Running in Barcelona : tips and motivations”