Barcelona with kids

Are you thinking about traveling to Barcelona with kids? It could be an awesome summer plan but it’s important to be prepared because of children unforeseen situations can arise.

Traveling is always an adventure and an excellent opportunity to learn. There isn’t a specific moment to start. Actually, traveling during childhood is a perfect way to learn basic things that sure, will be very important for the future:

  • Being responsible
  • Taking care of your belongings
  • Being patient
  • Learning Languages and local History
  • Experiencing Cultural diversity

Travelling to Barcelona with kids

Barcelona is a nice city to visit with children. There aren’t any particular dangers and, on the contrary it has a lot of attractions which children can enjoy: Parc Güell, Tibidabo, Parc de la Ciutadella…
As in all destinations, when you travel to Barcelona with kids there are two factors that you should never forget: prevention and precaution.

Health recommendations

Bring a copy of the child’s vaccination record and also a first aid kit with essentials: sterile gauze, antiseptic solution, plasters, thermometer, and antipyretics. And of course, enough doses of all medicines the child normally needs daily.

The changes that children experience when they travel related to schedules, food, activities can provoke some health consequences. Diarrhea is a very common problem and if it occurs during the trip it’s important to take care of their diet, avoiding sauces or greasy food and being well hydrated. Also, it’s very important he or she washes his/her hands very often. Following these recommendations the situation should improve. If the situation gets worse and he/she can’t drink water, has very high temperature or blood appears, you must visit a doctor.

Pediatric care

Other health complications suddenly appear are earache, sore throat and skin irritations. In these situations asking a doctor will help your child to recover and you can follow your holiday plans. In order that your child receives a fast medical attention it’s important to know in advance all the health resourcesavailable. In Barcelona, you don’t have to worry about it and check it previously because you can always count on our team of English speaking doctors. Doctors Barcelona also offers a pediatric urgent care.