A healthier 2018

There are still a few days to say goodbye to 2018 but at DoctorsBarcelona we want to take advantage of this countdown to make a balance of our 2018


This 2018 has been especially intense for us. In fact, all the team agrees in emphasising that we will never forget this year. We have put all our effort and determination to improve our home health care service of English speaking doctors and all this work has become the best reward we could have: the gratitude of our patients. Patients from all over the world have needed the assistance of our English speaking doctors while staying in the city and when back home they have written nice words to thank us for our attention. Thank you to all of them that have been dedicating a few minutes of their time to write us a message. We have decided to not mentions the names of all our patients that left us nice comments, the list would be huge and we would not like to forget some of our patients without wanting to.

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Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!

DoctorsBarcelona knows that a health problem happens anytime so our house-call doctors are also working during the summer months. We aren’t going on holidays!. Although lifestyle and normal rhythm in this season are different, our house-call service doesn’t change, it remains the same and is still available 24h/7d.

Barcelona is a fascinating destination even more in summer. The city has lots of attractions and offers delightful plans in different neighborhoods during these weeks (read about them here). For that reason and due to Read more “Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!”

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What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention

Cystitis or urine infection is an infection in the bladder that produces pain and discomfort. Most times, the infection is caused by a bacterium (Escherichia coli). If it’s detected early and the patient follows all the doctor’s treatment, the infection quickly disappears.

If the infection is not treated at an early stage it can move and affect the kidneys, provoking a more serious health problem (pyelonephritis, kidney infection) with health consequences. That’s why a fast diagnosis is essential to Read more “What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention”

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Running in Barcelona : tips and motivations

Running in Barcelona has become a trend and keeps gaining new followers every day. Whoever tries it and survives the first days, says it is addictive.

In the morning, at noon or in the evening of any day that does not rain, go out and have a look around you. You will cross with solitary runners, groups of two or three or even training teams!

Barcelona doesn’t escape from this fashion and it isn’t necessary to go to the seaside to verify that the city is almost an athletics track! If you have just arrived in the city,  Read more “Running in Barcelona : tips and motivations”

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Tips to quit smoking

Smoking seriously harms your health. Health professionals, advertisements and also cigarettes boxes inform and encourage people to quit smoking. Nevertheless, 7 million people die as a consequence of tobacco every year, according to WHO. The last day of May is the “Non Tobacco Day” so, it could be a unique opportunity to give it up. Although, risks of smoking are well-known it’s important to Read more “Tips to quit smoking”

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¿ Stomach problems during a trip? Tips & recommendations

Exploring a new country or culture means immersing yourself in it in every way, also in gastronomy. The curiosity to try all the typical dishes of the place added to the fact that during the holidays we usually exceed the limits, eating and drinking more than usual, can lead to unpleasant consequences and cause stomach problems. Excesses that can cause a difficult night due to indigestion but if this discomfort continues and vomiting or the dreaded traveler’s gastroenteritis appear, our team of English-speaking doctors insists that Read more “¿ Stomach problems during a trip? Tips & recommendations”

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Spring and pollen allergy time

Spring, is the season when most of us want to spend more time outdoors, doing activities that allow us to enjoy more hours of sunshine and good weather. But on the other hand, it is the feared season for those who suffer from pollen allergy. It’s the most uncomfortable season of the year for them because it’s practically synonymous of suffering from nasal congestion, irritation of the eyes, tearing or sneezing (some of the most common symptoms) for days or weeks.

What is an allergy?

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Visiting Barcelona on Sant Jordi

Barcelona wakes up in a very different way every 23rd of April. It’s Sant Jordi’s day and roses and books are the focus during this celebration. The streets become outdoor book shops, where writers present their last work and also there are flower shops everywhere. If you are in Barcelona on Sant Jordi’s day it’s an excellent opportunity to Read more “Visiting Barcelona on Sant Jordi”

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Tips for sore throat relief

The last few weeks, our team of doctors is taking care of patients with a common problem: a severe sore throat. It’s not a serious health problem but it is annoying, especially in children, since in addition, it can produce general malaise. A problem that becomes important when you are away from home. You have some free days that you have already organized and planned with great enthusiasm with the help of internet and the tourist guide. You want to disconnect from your routine, discover a new place, disconnect but a sore throat shouldn’t make you change your plans!

That is why, with our medical team, we have put ourselves to work for providing you some tips that may be useful in case you or someone in your family suffers sore throat. Read more “Tips for sore throat relief”