Post Erasmus Depression, and now what?

Back from Erasmus, and now what? Discover how to overcome your post-Erasmus depression! If you would be in Erasmus in Barcelona and you would like help finding a new doctor, you can count on our medical assistance.

You left everything behind you and you decided to leave in Erasmus. You left your crying mother, your best friends, your room, your country to explore a new adventure out of your comfy zone, to overcome your boundaries. But then real life kicks in again and you have to go back home. Yes, happens to the best of us. And while taking off the photos on the wall and put them in your luggage, you ask your self: and now what? Coming back home can be an overwhelming experience. Everything looks the same but you have changed. You became independent, you have made so many international friends and you have explored so many new cultures. After this exciting and amazing experience, real life can be boring. Back at home, everything is like when you left and the adventures you have lived abroad are inexplicable to the others. That is where the post-Erasmus depression kicks in. We can imagine how difficult is to overcome it but do not worry. Here some tips for you! Remember that if you need help finding a new english speaking doctor in Barcelona, we are always here for you! 

Post Erasmus depression1.Stay in contact with your Erasmus family

The friends you make during your Erasmus are like your family abroad. Once you back do not forget the friendships you made while you were living this experience. Try to find a date to see them back, inviting them to your home or going to visit them to their countries. This will be a good way to face your post-Erasmus depression but also a way to collect new memories.

2. Choose another exchange programme

Do you know that there are many Erasmus programs? This could be also a way to fight back your blue mood coming back home. You just have to pick the best program for you. You can decide to study or do an internship in another EU country. Check the website of the EU Commission for all the information about each programme!

3. Travel, Travel, Travel and never stop!

When you are back, who says that you cannot leave again? The best way to cure the post-Erasmus depression is to experience new adventures, you decide where or when. In winter or summer, in Asia, Europe or Australia, South or North America… The important is what makes you feel good. Just find your destination and leave for the next adventure!

4. Join an Erasmus association in your city (ESN)

For sure if you have been in Erasmus you have heard of ESN. Do you know that there are many ESN centres in many European cities? You can join this organisation in your home town and keep in touch with the Erasmus atmosphere. Are you in Barcelona? Find all the info of ESN Barcelona and join the Erasmus community. 

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5. Find a job or a hobby that motivates you

It is difficult to come back home from such an adventure. You need to readjust to real life, which can be kind of boring. But what if you transform this boringness in another exciting experience? You can learn something new, like a new language to keep your curiosity alive. You can dedicate your time to a new sport or find a cool hobby in order to meet new people or just try something new.

What is your Post Erasmus experience? Let us know it and leave a comment!

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