Bon voyage! 6 pain-free travel tips for these holidays

Ahh… Traveling. Who doesn’t like the thrill and excitement of knowing new places? As holidays are getting closer, many people plan their vacations for months ahead to get the most of their time abroad. However, despite of our love for traveling, many of us don’t enjoy sitting in an airplane, a car or a train seat for several hours, as being in the same position for a prolonged period of time can causex physical pain and make it hard to sleep comfortably while traveling. The consequences of poor posture can haunt you throughout your stay abroad, that’s why in Doctors Barcelona we bring you six tips to pain-free travel these holidays and enjoy your trip from the moment you take your seat till you get home again.

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Medical Certificate: What You Must Know

Obtaining a medical certificate is extremely important when it comes to providing legal and valid proof for a number of scenarios. An absence from employment, missing classes at a university, being considered “fit to fly” or reimbursements for tickets to an event due to being sick or from an injury are all reasons to see a doctor for a medical certificate.

English speaking doctors provide the best information about the importance of medical certificates and how to obtain one when necessary.

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