How to sit in the office? 10 Exercises to do at your desk!

How you should sit on your desk according to Doctors Barcelona and the 10 exercises you can use to alleviate your pain.

We all have had long days at the office, sitting in front of the laptop, looking at the screen for hours. Even typing or scrolling on the internet can become difficult for us. A bad posture while sitting on your desk can cause pain in different parts of the body: legs, neck, back, shoulders, arm, wrists. If while reading this post, you are sitting down in your office, stop working for a few minutes and take the time to read the exercises we prepared for you. Those exercises will help you to reduce the pain while you are at work and you can include them in your daily routine at the office. If your pain doesn’t get better, you should consult one of our professionals specialised in Physiotherapy in Barcelona.

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Tips to be safe during La Mercè

La Mercè is getting closer, we give you some tips to be safe during this amazing celebration. And remember, if you would need a medical visit, DoctorsBarcelona works also on bank holidays!

It’s starting the countdown for the festival of La Mercè that will see Barcelona and its inhabitants protagonist of this four days of pure concerts, games, traditions and entertainment activities. The city will become like a big theatre. The celebration takes place the 21, 22, 23 and 24 September. Barcelona colours up even more than normal, firework will cross its sky and music will be around every corner of the street. If you would need a medical visit in Barcelona during La Merce’, no worries. We work on bank holidays as well. You are safe with us!

Also, Doctors Barcelona will be taking part in this wonderful time and to fully enjoy and embrace La Mercè experience. In this occasion, we decided to give you some safety tips.

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What causes severe stomach ache?

Stomach ache is really common and can be caused by many different reasons. Watch out, sometimes this pain can be the indication of something very serious. Find out what your pain can be and how one of our local doctors in Barcelona can help you

There are multiple reasons why stomach ache occurs. Most of the time the pain is nothing serious and disappears after a few days. However, severe pain can be a sign of something more serious. You should learn how to recognise which symptoms need the consultation of a doctor. How to get medical help while travelling? If you would be travelling for work or pleasure, you can always contact one of our local doctors in Barcelona. You can arrange a visit just with a simple click on your phone or with a call. An English speaking doctor will be at your disposition.

Let’s find out some of the causes of stomach ache.

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How much does a private doctor ’s visit cost without insurance?

The Spanish health care has one the best systems in the world, discover how to visit a private doctor without any insurance and how much it will cost you.

Find a local English speaking doctor in Barcelona

The Spanish heath care system is ranked among one of the best in the world and you can rely on both private or public healthcare. If you live or work in Spain officially, you have the right to have access to the public one. If you are a tourist or an expat coming from outside Europe you have to choose for the private health insurance.

What if you are travelling and you don’t have one? In this case, you will need to pay the full amount of any medical costs and this could be quite expensive. However, If you are in Barcelona and you would like to see a private doctor without any health insurance, you can contact one expert of our team. Once you have booked an appointment via phone or via our website, one of our English speaking doctors will be at your home or hotel to help you with your problem.

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