Farmacias 24h en Barcelona

Lista de farmacias abiertas las 24h en Barcelona

Estar enfermo, especialmente en un lugar extraño, puede ser estresante. No poder llenar una receta en cualquier momento puede ser francamente agónico. Aquí, consolidamos una lista de farmacias que ofrecen sus servicios las 24 horas del día, los 365 días del año, para que pueda relajarse y disfrutar de su estancia en Barcelona.

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Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!

DoctorsBarcelona knows that a health problem happens anytime so our house-call doctors are also working during the summer months. We aren’t going on holidays!. Although lifestyle and normal rhythm in this season are different, our house-call service doesn’t change, it remains the same and is still available 24h/7d.

Barcelona is a fascinating destination even more in summer. The city has lots of attractions and offers delightful plans in different neighborhoods during these weeks (read about them here). For that reason and due to Read more “Our house-call doctors are also available in summer!”

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What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention

Cystitis or urine infection is an infection in the bladder that produces pain and discomfort. Most times, the infection is caused by a bacterium (Escherichia coli). If it’s detected early and the patient follows all the doctor’s treatment, the infection quickly disappears.

If the infection is not treated at an early stage it can move and affect the kidneys, provoking a more serious health problem (pyelonephritis, kidney infection) with health consequences. That’s why a fast diagnosis is essential to Read more “What is cystitis? Symptoms and prevention”

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