Tips for sore throat relief

The last few weeks, our team of doctors is taking care of patients with a common problem: a severe sore throat. It’s not a serious health problem but it is annoying, especially in children, since in addition, it can produce general malaise. A problem that becomes important when you are away from home. You have some free days that you have already organized and planned with great enthusiasm with the help of internet and the tourist guide. You want to disconnect from your routine, discover a new place, disconnect but a sore throat shouldn’t make you change your plans!

That is why, with our medical team, we have put ourselves to work for providing you some tips that may be useful in case you or someone in your family suffers sore throat. Read more “Tips for sore throat relief”

Barcelona with kids

Are you thinking about traveling to Barcelona with kids? It could be an awesome summer plan but it’s important to be prepared because of children unforeseen situations can arise.

Traveling is always an adventure and an excellent opportunity to learn. There isn’t a specific moment to start. Actually, traveling during childhood is a perfect way to learn basic things that sure, will be very important for the future: Read more “Barcelona with kids”

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